Beyond Quantum Hypnosis BQH Online

Beyond Quantum Hypnosis BQH Online


Session Setting

Beyond Quantum Hypnosis sessions are available online through Zoom. 

Beyond Quantum Hypnosis is a heart-based and intention-based hypnosis method in which the client may connect with different benevolent entities including the Higher Self, Subconscious or Super-conscious, Spirit Guides, Angels, High Counsels, Ascended Masters, Star Families, etc. During this journey we will explore a life time (it could be a past, present, future or parallel life) and connect with your Higher Self where you can receive answers to your questions, healing and guidance. 

Long Sessions last approximately 4-5 hours and include:

  • Interview lasting min 2 hours.
  • Hypnosis session.
  • Debrief.
  • Please prepare 9-15 questions


Click HERE to learn more about Quantum Hypnosis.

Installments via shop-pay are available. 


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