Reiki Energy Healing Distance or in Person

Reiki Energy Healing in Corvallis, Albany



I (Angie), offer Reiki Energy Healing in person in my office located in Corvallis, Oregon and also via distance.

Have you been feeling stressed lately and in need of some extra TLC? Has life been a rollercoaster? Do you feel like you’ve been feeling stuck? Or maybe you've been dealing with physical discomfort? Or maybe you just haven’t been feeling like yourself and you are not sure why? Are there experiences in your life that you want to heal?

Reiki may be the answer for you.


What does "Reiki" mean and how do you do it?

The word Reiki stands for Life Force Energy. During the Reiki healing session, I channel the Life Force Energy and transfer it into my client by using my hands. Reiki always flows for the highest good of the client. It goes where it needs to go in order to help the client return to balance and align on the physical, energetic, and spiritual levels.

Reiki is frequently used in conjunction with traditional therapies and medical treatments and can help to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, fatigue, chronic pains, and more.


How do you conduct a remote / distance Reiki session vs an in-office Reiki session?

Whether it’s a distance or an in-office session, we will briefly go over your intake forms, your hopes, and your goals. If you are a returning client, we will briefly discuss any updates you may have and your hopes for your returning session. For distance Reiki clients, this can be done via video or phone. This part of the session is short and meant to last 10 minutes especially for short 30 min sessions which includes the treatment as well. After the treatment, we will briefly discuss your experience.


In-person office Reiki session

The session will be taking place in my cozy energy healing room where you’ll be able to get comfortable on my Reiki table. During the session, you’ll remain clothed. The room will be dim, and soft music will be playing (unless you have any objections). I will be in “the zone” during the session and will be conducting it in silence. I will gently place my hands above certain points on your body.

I am a trauma survivor and I'm open to discuss any needs you may have prior to the session starting. Any invasive or inappropriate placement of the hands, or any pressure, is strictly forbidden.

If you are ready to book your in-person Reiki Healing Session click HERE.

Distance Reiki Session

The Reiki session is similar and just as effective. 30 min and 60 min sessions are both available as in-person sessions. During the distance Reiki session, we can remain connected via the phone or video call. I can conduct the session no matter where you are, but I still encourage you to take some time for yourself and settle down somewhere calm and relaxed.

I will be using a chart or a doll in place of your physical body. Reiki works no matter where you are, and as a Reiki Master, I am trained to work on this level. Not being restricted by our three-dimensional reality, Reiki transcends time (past, present, and future) and space.

If you are ready to book your distance Reiki Session, click HERE.


Should I book a 30 minute session or 60 minute session?

60 minute sessions

60 min sessions give us more time and it's what I recommend especially if you are coming in for the first time.

The session includes:

  • 10 min consultation
  • 40 min Reiki treatment
  • 10 min debrief


30 minute sessions

30 minute sessions fly buy very quickly and I don't recommend those sessions if you are coming in for the first time.

The session includes:

  • 5 min consultation
  • 20 min Reiki treatment
  • 5 min debrief


Will I feel the Reiki?

Every person experiences Reiki differently. Some people may feel warmth, tingles, or waves of energy going through their body. Some people may feel peaceful, light, and relaxed. Some people may release stagnant energy and cry, yawn, or cough. Some people may see colors. Some people may feel and see nothing at all. I encourage you to release any expectations you may have. Reiki will do what it needs to do. Trust the process.


What to expect after receiving Reiki

Every Reiki session is different and everyone experiences it differently. Some clients may feel relaxed, and some clients may feel more energetic after their sessions.

I recommend that you drink a glass of water immediately following the session. Be easy on yourself and pay attention to any dreams or emotions that may arise.


How many sessions do I need to feel better?

Again, this is something that will vary from one client to another. Reiki has effects not only on the physical body but also on the energetic and emotional body as well. Come as often as you wish.


Do you offer consultations prior to booking a Reiki treatment?

Yes, I do.  Consultations allow us to discuss your needs on deeper level and may include intuitive guidance. The fee for the consultation is $50 for 30 min and $100 for 60 min.


How do I book a session or a consultation?

Please contact me directly at