Meet your Spirit Guide or Angel Hypnosis Journey

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Spirit guides. Most of us have heard this term, but do we really know who they are and how they can assist us in this life?
A spirit guide are nonphysical "guardians" that can come in many forms like ancestors, animals, deities, and/or guardian angels. Everyone has at least one spirit guide they are born with.
These guides have one common goal: to help you achieve your greatest potential in this lifetime. Spirit guides can offer guidance, protection, and empowerment; they are your cheerleaders, advisors, healers, and protectors. 
Some believe that you are born into this life with one guide, while others believe different guides can join you during your journey to help with whatever you may need.
Connecting with a spirit guide can be as easy as calling upon them and inviting them into your life. You can ask for signs for them to show you that they are truly here. If you choose to go this route, know that sometimes, it may take time for us to become aware of their energy as we develop and strengthen our intuition and senses.
Alternatively, you may also choose to connect with your guides utilizing the power of hypnosis.
During this hypnosis session, you are guided into a gentle hypnotic trance where you can meet and connect with your guide. 
Sessions last approximately 60-75 minutes and include intake, hypnosis, and debrief.

Sessions can take place online via Zoom or in person in Corvallis, Oregon.
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