Cleanse, Charge, and Program Your Crystals

Posted on July 26 2020

Cleanse, Charge, and Program Your Crystals
Crystals are energy, just like everything else in the Universe. To keep their magical and healing properties vibrant they should be cleansed, charged, and programmed.

If you're new to the world of crystals, or if you have a collection but have not been tending to them, this blog will get you prepared to treat your crystals with love and care.

Why Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

In the past, maybe cleansing your crystals wasn't a priority because you didn't really know why.

So, what's the point?

While some stones such as selenite and kyanite are said not to require cleansing, most healing crystals absorb both positive and negative energies from when you use them and just from the environment that they are in.

When working with crystals, you want them to be of the purest and strongest energy. Think of it as a refresher of energy. What about crystals that are said not to absorb negative energy? Cleansing them won't harm them. If you feel like they need a cleanse, go for it.

How Do I Cleanse My Crystals?

There are several ways to cleanse your crystals. My favorite ways to cleanse crystals, and the safest:

  • Lie out your crystals and cleanse them with the smoke of sage or cedar.
  • Utilize sounds or single tones to cleanse your crystals. Chants, bells, singing bowls and tuning forks are all safe options. It doesn't so much matter what you use to create the sound, or what key the sound is in. The important aspect is how loud it is. When the sound is loud, it creates a stronger frequency that will bring the crystal back to its innate vibration.

Some other ways to cleanse your crystals come with a warning, so pay close attention:

  • Soak your stones in a saltwater bath by simply mixing three tablespoons of salt with a half-gallon of water. Or, if you live by the sea, take a beach trip and collect some of that sacred water. Leave them in for an hour to a day, depending on how much you use them.
  • Bury them in dirt and allow the grounding/cleansing properties of the earth to work its magic. Before using this method, or the method above of soaking in water, make sure the stone you are using can be put in water, as some are too soft to withstand a water soak. Some stones that should not be soaked are pyrite, hematite, iron-rich minerals and opals. When in doubt, a simple Google search can help you decide if the stone is safe to put in water, or not.

    Best Way to Charge Crystals

    After you have cleansed your crystals and their energy is clear, you get to re-charge and re-energize them.

    But how do I charge my crystals you wonder? It's quite simple. 

    My favorite methods to charge crystals:

    • Put your stones outside or on a windowsill during the full moon. Moonlight is restorative and grounding energy for your crystals. After sunset, you can lay them out in a windowsill or directly on the earth. But be sure to bring them in after sunrise. See more about that below. 
      • Use other crystals! My absolute favorite for this method is to use a selenite plate. Crystal generators, like those listed in my Etsy shop, can also be used to charge other crystals. Set your intention and point the generator at the crystal you would like to recharge.

      Rainbow Fluorite Generator

          • You may also leave them on a windowsill to soak in the energy of the sun. This is a safe way to charge many crystals, but not all. 
          • Some stones such as amethyst, fluorite, citrine, rose quartz, aquamarine, hiddenite, spodumene, fluorite and kunzite may change color when exposed to strong sun rays.
          • Imagine how disappointing that would be! This can happen pretty fast for some crystals, so make sure if you use this method that the crystals are sun-safe.

          Programming Your Crystals

          Now that your crystals' energy is fresh, let's program those babies. Think of programming your crystals like a crystal ritual. 

          This kind of programming requires zero technical know-how. All you need to do is know why you want to use the crystal. 

          Do you have to program your crystals? The short answer is no. It's not necessary. Especially if you'll just be working with it for a short period of time. But for the greatest long-term impact, like if you are going to wear them, carry them or use them in a crystal grid, you'll want to consider programming them.

          Programming a crystal does not limit it in any way. You are not telling the crystal how to do its job. You are requesting that the crystal help you with a specific issue. It deepens your connection with the stone and can make working with them more powerful. You can also ask the crystal how it would like to work with you for some guidance.

          With all that said, programming a crystal is easy. 

          In a relaxed state, hold the crystal that you want to program in your hand. You may choose to hold it up to your third eye chakra or rub it in your hands. 

          You can address the crystal, by simply stating, "Please assist me in__________________." 

          Or just state what you will be using it for, "I will work with this crystal to increase my confidence".

          Or just ask, "How would you like to work with me?"


          Now that you're armed with the knowledge you need to manage your crystals' energy, pick and choose what resonates with you and go take care of your collection. 

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