What is ThetaHealing? About Theta Healing

ThetaHealing Sessions are available in store/in person in Corvallis, Oregon and via Zoom. The store is within driving distance near Albany, Salem, Eugene, Portland and surrounding areas.


Do you feel stuck in old habits and patterns?

Do you find yourself getting stuck in toxic relationships over and over again or do you continue to attract the same types of romantic partners that end up in heartbreak?

Have you been working on the same things in therapy over and over again, yet never really seeing true healing happen?

All of these scenarios can indicate that somewhere in the subconscious mind you carry patterns, habits and beliefs that need to be released, resolved, and refreshed. ThetaHealing can help improve any area of your life.

ThetaHealing uses a co-creative meditation technique and spiritual philosophy connecting with the Divine Source of all that is. Some people may refer to that Source as Creator of All That Is, Consciousness, God, Goddess, etc.

During the session, we use the Theta brainwave which is the same brainwave used for hypnosis. It is a state where the conscious mind relaxes and where we can accesses the subconscious mind. We work with the same part of the brain that holds pictures, memories, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors, etc. By accessing the subconscious mind, the practitioner can dive into the different beliefs and programs that are standing in the way of you living your life to the fullest.

The sessions are part dialogue and part energy healing. the practitioners will use muscle testing to check for any blockages, programs or restrictive beliefs on four different levels. We resolve and clear unserving patterns, beliefs, blockages, etc with positive feelings, beliefs, programs and thoughts that will allow you to create the best life in the highest, brightest, way possible. While it may take several weeks to fully integrate changes, clients may experience immediate relief such as sense of calmness or feeling like was weight lifted off of the shoulders.

Here are just some examples ThetaHealing can help with:

  • Releasing resentments
  • Releasing fears
  • Release rejection
  • Release anger
  • Release unwanted and/or unhealthy patterns
  • Release self-doubt
  • Release perfectionism
  • Attract a compatible partner
  • Person freedom

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Ongoing sessions are recommended for the best results until all limiting beliefs and programs can be cleared and resolved. Sessions offered by Moon Lotus Providers can be used in conjunction with conventional medicine and are not meant to serve as a substitute. Statements on this website and during sessions and/or workshops are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.