About Us

The Story of Moon Lotus Rising

Can you think of a time when you came across something amazing? Do you remember how it made you feel? Did you want to tell the whole world about it? For me, such a time happened in 2014. During that time, I was going through some major challenges and changes in life.

My spiritual journey and awakening took up speed in 2013. One day in 2014, I found myself standing in front of a local crystal shop. As soon as I stepped through the threshold, I felt something different. Crystals and stones weren’t new to me. In fact, I spent my teenage years near a city called Idar-Oberstein which is known as Gem Center of Europe and I would frequently browse the gem stores after school. But this was was something I have never felt before. At least not consciously. This, my friends, was the energy of crystals. As I grew more and more passionate about energy and spiritual development in general, the more determined I grew to share with others. It is from this desire that Moon Lotus Rising was born later in 2014. I was on a mission. 


Why Shop at Moon Lotus Rising?

At Moon Lotus Rising, what is most important to us is that we provide the greatest value to you. We do that by offering hand crafted jewelry and stones and crystals, that is not only captivatingly beautiful but energetically healing as well.

What makes my jewelry special is that:

  • I offer many options to customize your jewelry since most are made to order.
  • Each piece of jewelry is created with intention  and good energy.
  • Each piece is carefully selected and made so that it is one of a kind.

We offer a spectacular selection of spiritual tools including:

  • Crystal and birthstone jewelry
  • Raw and polished gem stones
  • Raw crystal necklaces
  • Dainty gemstone bracelets
  • Bohemian and yoga jewelry
  • Wrist malas and beaded bracelets
  • Wrapped gemstone jewelry
  • Personalized and engraved necklaces
  • Palm stones, tumbled and raw crystals, spheres.
  • Divination tools, botanicals and other tools to assist you on your spiritual journey. 

Our mission

Our mission at Moon Lotus Rising is to go beyond our customer’s expectations by providing quality tools for the spiritual path. All that we offer is created with a greater purpose that goes beyond its looks. At Moon Lotus Rising, our intention is to spread awareness to the power of energy for purpose of creating a more beautiful, conscious, loving, and healthier world for us, our ancestors, our children and generations to come. 


About Angie

My real is Agnieszka but people usually prefer to call me Angie. The name was given to me when I was about 6 years old when pronunciation of my birth name  turned out to be a bit of a tongue twister. I was born in Poland and moved to Germany when I was 12. These days, I reside in Corvallis, Oregon in the United States with my daughter, husband and our dog where we embrace the country life and what nature has to offer.

Crystals play a huge part in my personal life. I use them for energy healing and their metaphysical properties. I’m a huge believer in yoga, positive affirmations, manifestation, mindfulness, meditation, universal consciousness, and energy. I’m a Reiki Master, Energy Worker and I feel passionate about Inner Child Healing and Shadow Work. I’m constantly eager to learn more and keep myself open to the Divine guiding me to explore different beliefs and modalities including quantum psychics, hypnosis, Akashic Records, EFT, breathwork, sound healing and so much more.

These days can find me on different spiritual and witchy forums as well as the Witches Circle in the Amino Community/App. There is no such thing as a wrong path. I follow my path wherever it leads me.  I respect the spiritual paths of others with the understanding that spirituality isn’t a one size fits all. I learn from the believes of others and appreciate learning from people with different cultures and perspectives. I feel at home in nature and when I meditate.