Reiki Healing - In Person/Office

Reiki Energy Healing in Corvallis, Albany, Salem, Eugene, Oregon


Packages and Duration

The session will be taking place in my cozy energy healing room where you’ll be able to get comfortable on my Reiki table. During the session, you’ll remain clothed. The room will be dim, and soft music will be playing (unless you have any objections). I will be in “the zone” during the session and will be conducting it in silence. I will gently place my hands above certain points on your body. I’m sensitive to trauma survivors and open to discuss any special needs you may have prior to the session starting. Any invasive or inappropriate placement of the hands, or any pressure, is strictly forbidden.


60 minute sessions

60 min sessions give us more time and it's what I recommend especially if you are coming in for the first time.

The session includes:

  • 10 min consultation
  • 40 min Reiki treatment
  • 10 min debrief


30 minute sessions

30 minute sessions fly buy very quickly and I don't recommend those sessions if you are coming in for the first time.

The session includes:

  • 5 min consultation
  • 20 min Reiki treatment
  • 5 min debrief


 If you purchase a package, you can set up your appointments via email at an later day or we can book them on the day of your first appointment if you wish.



If you'd like to know more about Reiki, please click here.

By booking the session you agree to the POLICIES, WAIVERS AND TERMS. Please download and email the filled out document 24h prior to your session.