How to Prepare for your QHHT or BQH Session?

How to prepare for a QHHT or BQH session?

  • Be open to possibilities

The best thing that you can do to prepare for your session is to keep an open mind and leave expectations behind. Try not to overthink things and remember that your Higher Self will only show you what you are ready to see. Release your worries. Relax. There's peace.

  • Meditation practice

If you’ve never meditated before, I would recommend that you start a meditation practice, even if it’s for a few minutes at a time. It’s not a requirement but meditation is one way to stop the monkey brain and to connect with your Higher Self. Miracles can happen with meditation alone.

  • Set your intentions

Know that all is happening for your highest good. It’s not a coincidence or accident that you stumbled upon my website. You are already connected to your Highest Self and you were guided to it. Set your intentions knowing that you will have a great successful session for your highest good and benefit.

  • A list of questions

Few days before the session, find some time to connect and enter the space of reflection about you, your life, the people in your life, etc. If you could have all the answers to any questions, what would those questions be? Prepare a typed up list with those questions. Whatever is appropriate, you’ll get the answer for. We will discuss your questions during the interview process.  

Those questions may be about life, relationships, career, diet, health and the most asked question: what is my purpose?


The day of the session

  1. Observers

Please arrive to the session alone. Your session is strictly confidential and this also includes friends and family members. You may share your recording with anyone you choose after you hear it.

  1. How to dress

Wear comfortable loose and relaxed clothing. For the hypnosis part of the session you’ll be given a blanket to keep nice and warm. Naps can get chilly even during summer time and it’s similar during the deep state of relaxation you will enter. During hypnosis, the tone of voice may lower down and it’s important that I can hear you clearly without any obstructions over your face or mouth. The session is also recorded and it’s important that the recorder can pick up your voice.

  1. Nutrition

Eat at good and healthy meal prior to your session. You may have a little coffee although I would recommend not having any. No alcohol or drugs are permitted during the session. You may bring a snack and water especially for after the session.


Parking, please don't park in the 3 hour spots. There will be no time for you to look for a parking spot between the interview and hypnosis. Plenty of cheap paid parking is available on the 5th street around the corner from the shop (cross street Madison/5th Street in Corvallis). Approximately $3 in coins is sufficient for the length of the session.