The Beginners Guide to Creating The Best Crystal Grid

Posted on December 03 2019

The Beginners Guide to Creating The Best Crystal Grid

What is a Crystal Grid?

We are always manifesting. We are always co-creating with the Universe. And while many of us know that intellectually, it helps us to focus and communicate with the Universe by creating physical representations of our desires. That might be through art, writing, vision boards, and yes, crystal grids.

Crystal grids are a powerful and gorgeous tool we can use to amplify our intentions and send a signal to the Universe of what we desire. They have been rising in popularity over the past several years as a growing number of people have experienced their manifestations coming to fruition using this tool. In other words, this practice works.

How Do Crystal Grids Work?

Crystal grids give us a physical space to focus our intentions, marrying the energies of the crystals with sacred geometric shapes and patterns. 

Just like everything else in the universe, each crystal has its own frequency. This is not a new age theory, this has been scientifically proven. The crystals you’ve been collecting and the crystal jewelry you wear all contain a vibration specific to that crystal.

Sacred geometry is the language of the Universe. Sure, the universe can seem chaotic with no rhyme or reason, but if you really pay attention you will see that there is a certain order to things that can not be denied. From the microscopic to the macroscopic, there are patterns that are woven into the very fabric of the Universe. This is sacred geometry.

Some people choose not to use a sacred geometrical pattern to create their crystal grid, and although this is not necessarily wrong, you can yield much better results if you follow a pattern. Using the pattern sends a clear, direct message to the Universe, and if you're going to put that much energy into your manifestation, don't you want to make it as effective as it can be?

How Do I Create My Own Crystal Grid?

So now you get the gist of it and you're ready to get going and make one of your own. When it comes to creating your own crystal grid there is no right or wrong here in regards to size, length of time you leave it up, and stones that you choose.

Some are small enough to fit on an end table. Some are much larger. You can create one for a specific event for just a few days, or you can create a permanent grid as a decor for your house for something that you have a constant desire for such as abundance or love.

Whether you choose a rough crystal or tumbled is up to you. Tumbled crystals tend to have softer, gentler energy and are typically smaller in size. Rough crystals are often larger and because they are less processed, they have a more amplified energy.

To make it easy, some people decide to purchase crystal grid templates, so it takes the guesswork out of the process. Others decide to do a bit of research and find a symbol that resonates most deeply with their intention. But ultimately, just with anything else that you are putting your energy toward, use your intuition. If you feel guided to create your own, do that. If you choose to get a template from someone else, totally fine. Just make sure it aligns with you.

Steps to Using Your Crystal Grid

  1. Choose your location. Once you have your location in mind, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse that space. Now's the time to whip out that sage bundle or the cleansing spray.
  2. Set your intention. Get clear on what it is you are creating. Take some time to sit in silence and visualize your manifestation. Feel as if it has come true.
  3. Choose stones that align with your goal. Do your research. Stones hold different vibrations - rose quartz will not provide the same energy as jasper. How many stones you use is up to you. Typically you will have a variety of at least three, but using just one stone can also be effective. Use your intuition here, too. Sometimes we are just drawn to certain crystals and we don’t know why. No need to exclude it from the grid just because it doesn’t make sense to your logical mind. If you are in the flow and a crystal calls to you, use it.
  4. Write your intention down and place it in the center of the grid. Alternatively, you could place the grid on your vision board or create an affirmation that best represents your intention. Get creative here. 
  5. Start constructing your grid. First, choose a center stone. Often I like to use a crystal generator as the center stone because it directs the energy up to the Universe. But if you don't have one, or want to use a different stone that's fine too. Some people like to start laying their crystals from the center to the outside and others use the opposite approach. Do what feels best for you.
  6. Use clear crystal quartz wand to seal your intention into the grid. Clear crystal quartz is an amplifier, which means that it enhances energy, including that of other crystals. Starting with the center crystal, use the crystal quartz to draw a line between all the crystals.

Once you have followed this process, let me know how it went! Leave a comment below or join my Facebook group to connect with me live.

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