Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session

Book a Quantum Healing Hypnosis Session QHHT in Oregon

$0.00 $350.00

At this time, I completed my Level 1 studies and I'm working on the certification while completing Level 2 studies. During the certification process, I offer the sessions for free. Limited spots are available.

After I complete the certification process, the session fee will be $350-$500 per session.

Please book only if you will attend your session or you can give me a min of 48 hour notice of any changes as I book no more than two sessions per week. Sessions are lasting several hours long with a minimum of 4/5 hours. I take great time preparing for those sessions and keep my schedule available. No-shows and last minute cancellations take away from my time and from others who would like to book. 


Please download, print and fill out the Client Intake, Agreements, Policies and Waivers Document (click the bold text to download) upon booking. Your appointment is only temporary confirmed and will be cancelled without this signed document. Please return it to me promptly. Please send the document to moonlotusrising@gmail.com