QHHT Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique - Session, Retainer or Consultation

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Session, Retainer or Consultation Payment

Angie is a certified QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique Level 2 Practitioner in Corvallis, Oregon. 

Read all the information below carefully.

QHHT Sessions take place in Corvallis in-person only. Online sessions are NOT available for QHHT. Angie is an independent practitioner providing offerings through Moon Lotus Rising.




  • Non-refundable retainer of $150 to hold your date (read more below). 


  • 20 min consultation is not a QHHT session. This is if you would like to meet Angie in person or Zoom first. This is NOT a requirement for a QHHT session.


  • It’s the customer’s responsibility to read the listing in its entirety before ordering. Please refer to policies, terms and conditions. By purchasing this listing you agree to the terms and conditions and that you’ve read this listing in its entirety. 


  • By purchasing the listing, you agree that you’ve read and understand all the details. 


Further explanations

  • QHHT Session Payment (Full Session) is the option to schedule your QHHT session including the interview, hypnosis and debrief. This is the option for full payment and no other payments will be due.


  • “Retainer only” option is to hold your date. $150 is not the full session payment. If you pay the non-refundable retainer at time of booking, the retainer will be applied to the full payment of $400 for the session. The remainder for the full session is due no later than 7 days prior the scheduled session. 


  • "Consultation only" option is for those who want to meet Angie via Zoom prior to the session to ask any additional questions (Angie will email you about your preference). This is not necessary but some clients prefer to meet Angie first. "Consultation only" does not include a QHHT session. The consultation is 20 min.


  • Installments via shop-pay are available.


  • Limited weekend availability +$80. Please email for weekend appointments.


Schedule your date and view availability HERE.


Please review and submit the documents here (click the bold text to download) upon booking. Your appointment is only temporarily confirmed and will be cancelled without this signed document. Please add the email quantumgateways@gmail.com to your addresses as you may otherwise miss important communication from Angie about your session.


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