Expanded Quantum Healing Hypnosis


Expanded Quantum Hypnosis sessions are similar to QHHT but they differ in their approach. What makes the sessions different?

Although sessions area similar in the way they are structured, the sessions involve a completely different script, questions are typically more focused, they can be conducted online from the comfort of your home and I can include different modalities if we are guided to them. Expanded Quantum Hypnosis is a heart-based and intention-based method in which the client may connect with different benevolent entities including the Higher Self, Subconscious or Super-conscious, Spirit Guides, Angels, High Counsels, Ascended Masters, Star Families, etc.

QHHT retains the original script as passed on by Dolores Cannon and we stick to the structure. QHHT sessions are also conducted in person only.

During the Expanded Quantum Healing Hypnosis session, after the interview where we chat about your life and your concerns, I will accompany you on a deep and meditative journey through time and space.

During this journey we will explore a life time (it could be a past, present, future or parallel life) and  connect with your Higher Self where you can receive answers to your questions, healing and guidance.  

The sessions last at a minimum of 3 hours depending on the amount of questions you have.