Angie's Spiritual Energy Healing Offerings and Hypnosis

Angie is the former owner of Moon Lotus Rising. In Feb 2023, she transferred the ownership of the brick and mortar store Moon Lotus Rising located in Corvallis to her husband Francisco.

Angie is now focusing on her independent practice sharing her holistic/alternative and spiritual offerings within Corvallis & Albany communities, the surrounding areas and through Zoom/online.

All offerings with the exception of QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique) are available online including BQH. Angie no longer offers single individual sessions with the exception of QHHT and BQH Spiritual/Higher Self Hypnosis. More information coming soon.

Angie carries dual quantum hypnosis certifications (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy by Dolores Cannon as well as by Candace Craw-Goldman). Her other teachers include Marisa Peer and Mark Beale. 

Angie’s is also trained with psychic mediums including John Holland, Lisa Williams, Janet Nohavec, and Apryl Nicole.

Angie is a lifelong student and her development continues. The list above includes only some of her teachers. 


From Angie:

My name is Agnieszka but people usually prefer to call me "Angie". The name was given to me when I was about 6 years old when pronunciation of my birth name turned out to be a bit of a tongue twister. I was born in Poland and moved to Germany when I was 12. These days, I reside in Albany, Oregon in the United States.

Crystals play a huge part in my personal life since they resurfaced in my life in 2014. I use them for energy healing and for their metaphysical properties. I’m passionate about quantum hypnosis and hypnosis in general, quantum healing, hypnosis, yoga, positive affirmations, mindfulness, meditation, Akashic Records exploration, EFT, breathwork, sound healing, general energy work and holistic/alternative practices and more. I’m a lifelong student eager to learn more. All that I share with others, I incorporate in my personal life.

I feel passionate supporting all souls. I have personal experience with trauma and domestic violence abuse including narcissistic abuse. I'm well versed in the effects of trauma due to my personal and professional experience.

I'm open to following my path wherever it leads me. I respect the spiritual paths of others with the understanding that spirituality isn’t a one size fits all. I learn from the beliefs of others and appreciate learning from people from different cultures and with different perspectives. I feel at home in nature and during meditation. I speak English, German and Polish.

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