What happens during a QHHT Session?

This the QHHT session is a magical, transformative and life-changing journey into the depths of consciousness. This is a judgment free time, where I'll be meeting you with love, compassion and understanding. We are all on a journey and learning as we go through life. 

Everything shared during your session is strictly confidential and not shared without your permission.

The Quantum Hypnosis Healing Session can last between 4 to 8 hours or more and I reserve the whole day to spend with you.

This is how the day will look like:

  1. Interview

The interview itself will last 2 or more hours. This time will allow you to settle in and get comfortable in the room. We will also talk about your current life including your family, relationships, challenges, and health. No topics pertaining to your life are off the table. The more I know about you, the better the session. We will also review a list of questions you will prepare after booking your session.

After we are done with the interview, we take a short restroom break. I really advise you to use the restrooms because you will be in a very deeply relaxed state and in this deep state of relaxation, the muscles in your body will become so relaxed like never before.

      2. The Induction of Hypnosis

After you get cozy and comfortable for the hypnosis, I will guide you into a deep and comfortable state of relaxation that is deeper than you ever experienced. This is a magical and very easy process. It's a time for you to relax and let go. I will be serving you as your guide as you embark on this journey into yourself where all answers and healing are possible if appropriate.

  1. Past Life Regression Journey and Exploration

Past life doesn't necessary mean that you will enter a past life. I like to refer to past lives as "other lives" because they are still happening right now. This journey will take you to the most appropriate life where I will guide you and ask questions.This could be a life anywhere and anytime. Those could be past lives, future lives, parallel lives, and lives in other dimensions. This exploration of consciousness and life is perfectly safe and for your greater good. Only information will be shared that is most appropriate and for your highest good.

  1. Contact with our Higher Self

After exploring your most appropriate life, I will ask for your Highest Self, Universal Consciousness, Higher Consciousness, Higher Force or whatever you want to call it to step forward.This is where you will get answers to your questions and healing as long as it's appropriate. All the healing and information coming through is from your Highest Self. I'm here only as a guide and facilitator. You hold the power.

  1. Coming Back and Debrief

After the contact with your Highest Self, I will slowly guide you back to your chosen life. When you awaken from the hypnosis, you will feel good, and wonderful and refreshed. We will chat about what you remember. It's completely normal not to remember everything from the hypnosis session just like you may not remember everything from a dream you had during a nap. This is similar. You will receive a recording of your QHHT session. The more you listen to it, the more insight and deeper understanding you gain. The window of higher vibration will be open for three days after your session and you may receive new insight, downloads, information and aha moments. The recording itself will also bring you back to a place of healing vibration and connection with your Higher Self. After you leave, have a meal to ground yourself.

Please email me if you have any more questions about the Quantum Healing Hypnosis session.