May Birthstone: Emerald Metaphysical Properties

Posted on May 01 2019

May Birthstone: Emerald Metaphysical Properties

Emerald is the primary birthstone for the month of May. It is perfectly suited to enhance the energy of Taurus born individuals and also help them work with any of the negative traits they might exhibit. Read on to learn all about Taurus' and how they can benefit from the shining Emerald stone.

Taurus Traits

The Taurus, or Second Zodiac house, is known as the Architect. As a creator who values opulence, Taurus individuals tend to attract resources and are able to actualize their dreams. By being grounded this talented Earth sign is able to bring their plans to fruition by utilizing their tenacious and head-strong nature. This drive and self-awareness are akin to the Bovine for which the Taurus is associated. Though it is not all work for the Taurus who enjoys the finer things in life. Taurus is known for surrounding themselves with physical pleasures and revel in extravagant excess.

Emerald Pendant Necklace

Emerald Metaphysical Properties 

The glistening Emerald echos the green of the land from which it came. The Emerald is directly linked to the Heart Chakra which anchors the life force by energizing the physical body through blood. Emerald leads the wearer through the Heart Chakra by melting away worries and strife in finding understanding, compassion, and forgiveness. This balance and acceptance is tempered by inner peace and promotes openness of the heart. An Emerald bows down to a Taurus by taming their stubbornness through discovery and understanding.

Emerald Benefits for Taurus

Emerald Pendant Necklace

The shine of a deep green Emerald reflects back the refined palate of the Taurus. As a Taurus is an Earth sign the people of the Second Zodiac will find a deeper connection to the land around them. This allows a Taurus to more easily access the versatility of their birthstone Emerald. A Taurus may use the gemstone to better assist them in their journey inward so that they may cooperate with their environment. In meditation Taurus’ turn any feelings of jealousy or envy into acceptance, self-love, and love for those around them by using the Emerald. The gemstone helps them to develop harmony within by cultivating graciousness, beauty, love, and contentment. An Emerald resonates the improving of memory and intelligence when worn by a Taurus.

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