June Birthstone: Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Posted on May 28 2019

June Birthstone: Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

The alternative birthstone for Gemini is Moonstone. For this particular blog, I'm going to focus on Rainbow Moonstone specifically because, as you'll see, it's characteristics are best suited for Gemini energy. 

Gemini Traits

Gemini’s are fun loving social butterflies with a tendency for playful spontaneity. Their upbeat nature gives them a restless air which makes them impossible to tie down.

The Gemini’s sharp mind and incredible communication skills exhibit them to be natural born strategists and negotiators. This may be due to the fact that they are always seeking a challenge as they tend to get bored quickly.

Like twins, Geminis are deeply connected to both the male and female energies within which lightens their energies making them more fun to be around.

While Gemini’s are considered to be the messenger of the Zodiac due to their fast talking and communicative nature it is important for these interesting people to find balance and hope. To do so the Rainbow Moonstone can be placed on the Heart, Throat, and Crown Chakras of the Gemini allowing deep inflection, enhancing intuition, and bringing constantly waring male and female energies into alignment.

Rainbow Moonstone Bar Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone Metaphysical Properties

Rainbow Moonstone is deeply connected to the feminine energy within us all.

The Rainbow Moonstone channels energy through the spectrum by penetrating all portions of one's aura. It is known to provide psychic protection by clearing one’s senses and honing the mind.

If worn to bed the Rainbow Moonstone will assist in a calming sleep and has the potential to promote lucid dreaming. The wearer will find that they wake to know a deep sense of strengthened inner peace, as Rainbow Moonstone assists in the clearing of negative energy.

Rainbow Moonstone Drop Necklace

Rainbow Moonstone Benefits to Gemini

The shimmering Rainbow Moonstone accurately reflects that of the shifting nature of the Gemini individual.

As Gemini is represented by the twins it is important to remember the harmony between the sexes within every individual. While the Rainbow Moonstone may help a female Gemini wrangle in their premenstrual emotions, in a male Gemini it will help to temper masculine energy.

The Rainbow Moonstone most closely resembles the gem within the Gemini as its colors shift to more accurately resemble the shifting nature of the individual.

As an air sign that is ruled by Mercury Gemini’s are constantly searching within and around for new knowledge and experience. The Rainbow Moonstone helps in decreasing the stress associated with new experiences by fortifying receptivity to inner creativity and easing feelings of stress or anxiety.

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