July Birthstone: Ruby Metaphysical Properties

Posted on June 25 2019

July Birthstone: Ruby Metaphysical Properties

Looking to relieve tension in the spine, to shed insecurity, or protect your heart from negativity? Then you are searching for communion with July's birthstone, Ruby.

Cancer Traits

Trust and loyalty are most important to the Cancer crab as they cultivate nurturing and supportive environments built on love and dedication.

While Cancers are apprehensive by nature they are also the kindest and most sensitive individuals in the Zodiac. They may be ruled by their emotions but that will never deter them from their naturally generous and sassy nature. For when you interact with a Cancer, especially one wearing a Ruby, you will find them in good humor.

Though the Cancer individual can have unhappy moments they work hard at becoming the master of their emotions by recognizing that the manifestation of insecurity is a mere product of oversensitivity. As such Ruby boosted Cancers have an easier time of learning self-mastery, inner security, and how to balance their emotions.

Ruby Pendant

Ruby Metaphysical Properties

The July birthstone assists the wearer in arousing a passion for life. When placed over the heart chakra rubies can activate feelings of love by connecting to the blood and promoting circulation.

Rubies are known to invigorate the system by bringing renewed energy and strength. They create more self-confidence by promoting powerful and positive feelings and encouraging spiritual expansion. Meditating with a Ruby increases vitality, independence, and fosters courage.

Ruby Bar Necklace

Ruby Benefits to Cancer

The variant red color of Rubies most accurately reflect the shell of the Crab for which Cancer is synonymous. In fact, the word Ruby is derived from the Latin word ruber which translates to red.

Cancers are known to be the guardians of the Zodiac family which reflects that of their armored shells keeping their soft interiors secure. This water sign is ruled by the moon and as such can also be ruled by their emotions.

Cancers that meditate with Ruby will place the gem at the Base Chakra. This placement aids in increased vitality to the physical body through self-preservation. By allowing oneself to delve deeper the Ruby assisted Cancer will find peace through grounding, stability, and stillness.

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