Crystals to support you during the Mercury Retrograde

Posted on October 07 2021

Crystals to support you during the Mercury Retrograde

With Mercury Retrograde already upon us, I’m sure most of us are feeling the chaotic, frazzled, energy that comes along with it. For those who may not know, during the Mercury Retrograde the planet appears to be moving backwards. Astrologically, this can be a trying time with technological breakdowns, miscommunication, and the worst case of brain fog that lasts for weeks. With all the chaos, it's important to remember to keep calm and be patient with yourself and others. The retrograde is a time of slowing things down, reflection and introspection; it is not the time to be venturing out into new projects, businesses, places, or signing important documents. I know Mercury Retrograde can be very difficult, and and you may be feeling like curling up and hiding until it's all over. If you are already following this blog, chances are that you already use crystals and stones in your practice.

Here are some that can help you cope with the madness of the retrograde.


The first crystal I would recommend for Mercury Retrograde is Fluorite. This is the perfect guiding crystal for transitions and times of introspection. Fluorite is said to activate all chakras, balancing them for clarity and awareness. This powerful stone helps break mental blockages and promotes decision-making, focus, and clarity, and helps protect you on a psychic level from outside influences. It is great for people who suffer from focusing too much on the perceived expectations of others and provides self-confidence. If I had to pick just one crystal for this retrograde, Fluorite would be it.


Lapis Lazuli:

This beautiful stone not only helps promote communication and self-awareness, it is great for relieving anger, stress, and negative thoughts. It stimulates the mind while supporting creativity, clarity, and your inner truths. This is a great stone for professionals and students alike!


Blue Calcite:

This light blue stone is one of the most soothing stones, in my opinion. The soft energy of Blue Calcite calms emotions, anxiety, and depression as well as protecting you from any negative energy trying to slip through your auric field. It aids in clarity and helps you approach emotional situations with a level mind. Working directly with the throat chakra, this crystal promotes clear communication and self-expression.



Another one of my favorites, this stone is all about balancing your emotions and providing clarity, awareness, and understanding to any situation. Sodalite enhances your intuition, helping you understand your inner truths, and supports the vocalization of those thoughts and feelings. This throat chakra stone is great for anyone who has trouble putting their emotions into words and who often have issues with communication.


Smoky Quartz:

While the first three stones work with the throat chakra, Smoky Quartz is one I would highly recommend for those feeling dazed, frazzled, or flighty by Mercury Retrograde. This Root Chakra stone is a very gentle grounding crystal that also helps clear the mind and builds a sense of focus. It is a protective stone that takes negative energy and emotions and turns them into positive energies that can be used to manifest what you desire. Keep in mind, however, not to start any new projects or endeavors during Mercury Retrograde.


Black Tourmaline:

This crystal is one of the best for protection from negative thoughts and negative energies. As it connects to the Root chakra, this crystal is grounding and helps promote vitality while ridding you of tension and stress. It encourages positivity and rationality during these difficult weeks.



Obsidian is an amazing stone for protection, purification, and stimulating growth. It removes emotional blockages and repels negativity. It can be a grounding stone that promotes self-worth by releasing old emotions and traumas that no longer support you. Black Obsidian is the most protective of the Obsidian family, however it can be really powerful, so for a gentler protection stone with the same grounding and purification aspect, look to Mahogany Obsidian. This stabilizing stone strengthens the sacral and solar plexus chakras, stimulating your potential growth.

While Mercury Retrograde can be a difficult period for many of us, it comes with many healing opportunities.

Need other tips to keep calm during the retrograde? Practice controlling your breathing. Inhale through your nose for four seconds, hold for seven seconds, and release out your mouth for eight. This pattern is extremely beneficial for stress and anxiety, however if that is too difficult, breathe in fours. Four seconds inhale, hold for four, and then exhale for four. This is a very quick and easy way to reduce tension, anger, anxiety, and stress. So just relax, breathe, and do your best to keep calm for the next few weeks.

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