Crystal Chakra Meditations and Rituals

Posted on April 09 2019

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I hinted in my last blog about using crystals for chakra balancing that there are many ways to use crystals to open and balance the chakras. This blog will explore a few of my favorite methods to do just that. 

Why Should You Balance Your Chakras?

If you don't take the time to open and balance your chakras, they can get gummed up with your negative experiences, emotions, and limiting beliefs. Cleansing your chakras with crystals allows you to start with a clean slate and helps you to release the energies that could be holding you back in certain areas of your life. 

Say, for example, you have a strong desire to be more intuitive, but no matter how hard you try you just don't seem to have the gift. Everybody has the gift of intuition, but you may be blocked in your third eye chakra. To get unblocked it would be of great benefit if you worked with crystals to open your third eye chakra. 

Or maybe you have a public speaking opportunity coming up that you're super excited about because it's on your topic of expertise. It is really going to put you in the spotlight but you are scared that you won't speak to the best of your ability. That would be a good time to use a crystal chakra meditation to open up your throat chakra to allow your words to flow freely and openly. 

Chakra Crystal Meditations

Let me share with you a few ways in which you can open and balance your chakras using tumbled or raw crystals.

Regardless of which meditation you choose, make sure to cleanse your crystals before and after so that you are working with the clearest, cleanest energy. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, but to give you a few ideas, you could charge them in the moonlight, smudge them with sage, or cleanse them with water.

To amplify any of the meditations below, make it a holistic experience by adding scents associated with the chakra you are working on, looking at a picture that represents the chakra or listening to a sound healing recording for that specific chakra. 

Chakra Flowers

1. Seven Chakra Crystal Meditation

Sometimes you just need to do a whole chakra refresh - a total overhaul. If you're feeling stuck in multiple areas of your life, or maybe your energy is all out of whack, that is a good time to do this easy meditation.

Start by choosing one crystal for each chakra. You can refer to my blog on crystal chakra basics for some ideas, but basically, you need to choose a stone that embodies the properties and typically the color of each chakra. 

Then, lying down, place each crystal on the body part that corresponds with the chakra.

From there, your only task is to relax, breathe, and allow the power of the crystals to work their magic. 

Woman meditating

2. Crystal Affirmation Chakra Meditation

Choose a chakra that you want to work with. Gather one or two crystals that correspond to that chakra and place them in the palm of your dominant hand.

Get into a meditative state perhaps by relaxing your body and focusing on your breath. When you feel nice and calm, now is the time to bring in the affirmations. The affirmations you choose will depend on which chakra you are working with.

For example, if you are doing a heart chakra meditation you could repeat:

"I open my heart to receiving love."

Or simply, "I am love."

Allow yourself to feel the truth in the words of the affirmation, as that will amplify the energy.

Alternatively, you could do this meditation without the affirmations and just soak in the energy of the crystals.

Root Chakra Sacred Geometry

3. Chakra Crystal Grid

Choose a sacred geometry grid. There are many templates available online through a simple Google search. 

Next, determine which chakra you want to work on and gather the crystals you will need. Place each crystal on the corresponding spaces on the grid, with the largest in the middle. 

Now, set your intention. What do you wish to accomplish with this grid? Get as clear and specific as possible. Law of Attraction works best when you are specific.

Use a crystal wand or your finger to and point to each stone, starting with the largest and moving your way through the grid. As you point to each crystal, you amplify your intention. You could also write your intention on a piece of paper and place it underneath the largest stone.

These meditations can be done as often as you feel necessary. So when you notice yourself stuck in a certain area of your life, just lather, rinse, and repeat!

If you have a chakra crystal meditation or ritual that you use, feel free to share it below. This is a space for us to all learn from each other. 

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