April Birthstone: Crystal Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Posted on April 02 2019

April Birthstone: Crystal Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Quartz is the alternate birthstone for Aries. Though the Diamond is a birthstone of Aries as well, it is best not worn by them as it has been found to cause disharmony within.

Instead, a hot-headed Aries would be better off adorning themselves with a Crystal Quartz. Dampen an Aries’ naturally strong temperament with the Crystal Quartz by assisting in slowing down to better learn about oneself on the journey of life. Get the rest of the scoop on how Crystal Quartz can benefit Aries below.

Aries Traits

Aries is a very fiery and powerful zodiac sign that's daily life can be observed to be filled with a deep sense of purpose and passion. An Aries is known to put the needs of their loved ones above that of their own. 

The Rams headstrong nature is the backbone of the Aries’ adventurous spirit as the first house of the Zodiac. This fire sign is known as a true pioneer that is self-motivated, energetic, dynamic, and exciting. Allowing these rams to charter new territories with ease.

Crystal Quartz Bracelet

Crystal Quartz Metaphysical Properties

Crystal Quartz benefits the nervous system by easing the release of tension. It does so by absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating healing energies. For this, the Crystal Quartz is known to be a “Master Healer”. It aids in the clarity of thought and ones purpose through the heart and mind. This is why Crystal Quartz is associated with the Brow Chakra, also known as the third eye.

Crystal Quartz Palm Stone

Crystal Quartz Benefits for Aries

The placement of the gemstone centered on the forehead between the eyebrows helps the wearer transcend the physical self through exploration to find peace of mind. This can be assistive to the Aries for which it is a lucky stone.

Aries benefit from the Crystal Quartz by granting access to one's intuition and insight. It has even been known to foster clairvoyant properties when used in deep meditation. This may be difficult for an Aries to achieve as they are very assertive within themselves, and being ruled by Mars, can be quite combative.


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