Moonstone Stacking Yoga Mala Bracelet with Sterling Silver or Gold Fill

Stacking Yoga Mala Moonstone Bracelet By Moon Lotus Crystals


Sterling silver center
14K yellow gold fill center
14K rose gold fill center

This mesmerizing mala bracelet is the perfect depiction of the moon. Its mysteriousness is captivating and hypnotizing and you will get lost trying to figure out its beauty. The moonstone is a talisman for the inward journey, aiding one in remembering the forgotten parts of oneself. Moonstone is believed to have the ability to uncoil the serpent, which symbolizes the kundalini energy, from the base to the higher chakras. It represents the awakening of the journey. This is the perfect mala bracelet to use for stacking, pair it with our alluring sunstone bracelet to bring the curiosity of the moon and the bright light of the sunstone with you everywhere.


  • High quality 8mm Moonstone beads and accents in sterling silver, 14K yellow gold fill or 14K rose gold fill.
  • Strong elastic that doesn't stretch out.
  • Use your wrist size (not bracelet size) when selecting your size in the drop down. I will add any necessary length.
  • Crown Chakra