Sleep & Dreams Crystal Intention Stone Set

Crystals for Sleep & Dreams Reiki Intention Stone Set


This crystal intention set was created to assist in falling asleep and comfortable dreams.

 Your crystal intention set includes the following stones: 

  • Amethyst for insomnia, stress relief, and dreams.
  • Howlite for calming the mind and clearing negative emotions.
  • Lepidolite for emotional stress relief, calming the mind, and insomnia.
  • Rainbow Moonstone for insomnia, emotional healing, and dreams.
  • Sodalite for meditation, calming emotions, and clarity.

Use the affirmation: I will sleep peacefully and dream beautiful, nurturing dreams tonight.


  • You may receive a mixture of stones including tumbles and raw stones based on our stock.
  • Please allow for variations in appearance, color, shape, and size due to the nature of the product.
  • The stones measure between 0.5-1.5".
  • These stones are Reiki-charged. Only receive the Reiki if you wish as it is always set for your highest good.
  • If one of the stones are sold out, we will replace it with another crystal that matches the energy/intention of this kit.