Rose Quartz Crystal Flame 111mm

Rose Quartz Crystal Flame 111mm


This listing features a Rose Quartz Flame from Madagascar.

The flame stone measures approximately 113mm (4.4") x 65mm (2.5") x 48mm (1.8")

Approximate weight: 326g (11.5oz)

Rose Quartz could be thought of as the archetype of “pink.” It is gentle, feminine, peaceful, healing, and considered a symbol of unconditional love. Fear, trauma, and emotional pain are said to be melted away with Rose Quartz. Love, beauty, and life’s sensual pleasures are all housed within this stone. From medical doctors to psychologists, healers of all kinds should incorporate this stone into their practice since it promotes comfort, feelings of well being, and benefits the circulatory system. Whatever qualities we can imagine of love, Rose Quartz can hold space for these in our lives.