Rhodonite Stone Crescent Moon 2"

Crystal Healing Shop Online - Rhodonite Stone Crescent Moon 2"



This listing features one Rhodonite Crescent Moon. Whichever you choose, you will receive the exact piece pictured.

#1. 52mm (2.0") x 35mm (1.3") x 12mm (.5') Weight 44g (1.55 oz)

#2. 54mm (2.1") x 40mm (1.6") x 10mm (.4") Weight: 36g (1.26 oz)

#3. 50mm (2.0") x 34mm (1.3") x 12mm (.5") Weight: 38g (1.34 oz)

Rhodonite is a crystal associated with self-esteem. It works on our inner selves, aiding us with our self-image and our core beliefs about ourselves. Those who suffer from depression and/or anxiety could find solace and anchoring with Rhodonite. Rhodonite also shields us from negative energy, anger directed toward us our out from us, as well as other things which might harm our self-worth. Sadness and grief can be braved with the company of Rhodonite and emotional pain made more bearable. This crystal is a great comfort in difficult times.