Raw Moonstone Necklace - June Birthstone - Gemni Zodiac - Crown Chakra

Raw Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - June Birthstone Personalized Jewelry


Only moonstone can look this soft in raw form. This dainty chunk of raw moonstone defies its nature by truly bringing the feminine essence to solid rock. Known for helping to balance feminine energies, June’s birthstone is displayed beautifully in this healing crystal necklace. Allow your gemstone to better attune you with the phases of the moon through regular charging of the pendant in its light. Give the gift of higher vibrations and synchronicity with this delicate rainbow moonstone necklace.



  • Made to order raw and natural Rainbow Moonstone with Black Tourmaline inclusions. The stones are dainty measuring approximately 11-12mm or 0.4"
  • Pictures above are samples of raw Rainbow Moonstone. The moonstones vary in color, flash and shapes. The amount of tourmaline inclusions varies. Some stones have minimal inclusions. Please message me if you have a preference or if you are looking for something specific.
  • Pendant Style or Bar Style. View a sample in pictures.
  • Chain lengths include 16, 18 or 20 inches.