Orange Calcite Stone Point Tower

Orange Calcite Stone Point Tower - Buy Crystal Towers Generators Online



Orange Calcite is an energizing and cleansing stone that works with the sacral and solar plexus chakras. It balances emotions, removing fear and depression, while awakening your creativity. It can release energetic blockages and problems while rekindling the fire within oneself and maximizing one’s fullest potential.

This listing features a variety of Orange Calcite towers. The stones from right to left are GD, GE, GF. Each picture shows different sides of these beautiful towers.


  • GD measurements & weight: 55mm (2.2") X 19mm (.8") X 16mm (.6") --30g (1oz)
  • GE measurements & weight: 55mm (2.2") X 21mm (.8") X 18 mm (.7") -- 36g (1.3 oz)
  • GF measurements & weight: 55mm (2.2") X 24mm (1") X 22mm (.9") --56g (2oz)