Large Blue Apatite Necklace - Throat Chakra Necklace

Large Blue Apatite Crystal Healing Pendant Necklace


Clear aural blockages and move toward balance as Blue Apatite helps its wearer move past the fog of confusion across all planes, facilitating clear communication and intent. An excellent gift for the woman seeking clarity in their everyday life, as well as with those dream-seeking and meditating for answers. Naturally calming, this crystal gemstone necklace can effectively help its wearer maintain a most stable productive state throughout day or night.


  • Made to order. Each Apatite crystal is unique in its appearance. The stones measure between 28 mm (1") and 19mm (.75") at the largest points. The complete bar measure approximately 23 mm (0.9") from one end to another. Each bead measures approximately 3 mm. The length of the bar is included in the total necklace length.
  • Can be made in 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver or 14K Rose Gold Fill finish. Chains available in Cable and Flat Cable Style.
  • The above is a sample of what you will receive, however please contact me if you have any special requests.
  • Gift packaging included.

Your necklace will be made to order. Please view pictures for samples. Because it’s one-of-a-kind, you’re likely to see slight differences in your finished piece.