Hematoid Quartz Golden Healer Sphere 81mm IQ

Hematoid Quartz Golden Healer Sphere 81mm IQ


Golden Healer is a type of Hematoid Quartz that can cleanse the chakras while providing a deep connection and introspection with oneself during meditation. The gleaming flecks of iron helps magnify energy and promote change within the user. It can be used to let go of past traumas or preconceived notions to help find balance, restoration, and a better understanding of life. It can help keep you rooted in the enjoyment of the here and now.

This listing features a Golden Healer Hematoid Quartz sphere. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.



  • Approximate measurements: 81mm (3.2")
  • Approximate weight: 806g (28.4 oz)