Mahogany Obsidian Double-Terminated Point 97mm APE

Mahogany Obsidian Double Terminated Points - Shop in Corvallis!


Mahogany Obsidian is known for its connection to the Sacral and Root chakras, making it a great energy balancer. It is very beneficial in aligning to one’s higher self, and it is said to encourage creativity through change and can help one clearly see their path. It can bring you courage and strength while releasing negative energies, and protecting you against psychic attacks. It helps focus on the abundance in your life so you can let go of feelings of dissatisfaction.

This listing features a Mahogany Obsidian double-terminated point. You will receive the exact piece pictured. Please note there are some imperfections that you can see in the photos.

Approximate measurements: 97mm (3.8") X 26mm (1") X 22mm (.9"
Approximate weight: 82g (2.9oz)

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