Lepidolite Pyramid 58mm ASW - Third Eye Chakra Stone

Lepidolite Pyramid 58mm ASW - Third Eye Chakra Stone


The illuminating and vivid color of Lepidolite will have you mesmerized. Lepidolite is believed to promote deep-rooted emotional healing and encourages self-love and trust in oneself. Known to reduce stress, it's said to allow one to stay in the present moment by helping release the overwhelming feelings. It radiates soft, healing, energy to help relax and revitalize

This listing is for a Lepidolite pyramid. You will receive the exact piece pictured.

Please note there are some small imperfections on the surface that can be seen in the photos.

Approximate measurements: 58mm (2.3") X 58mm (2.3") X 45mm (1.8")
Approximate weight: 180g (6.3oz)

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