Labradorite Pendant Necklace

Labradorite Pendant Necklace - Third Eye Chakra Jewelry - Healing Crystal Necklace


Native cultures associated the luminescence of Labradorite with the northern lights. It is a particularly mystical stone and is said to enhance mental and material connections to other realms, as well as our intuition. it is perfect for those of us with an interest in the spiritual and mysterious aspects of life. Labradorite has a distinct beauty and is a favored crystal to marvel over - especially when worn as jewelry.


  • Natural and high-quality labradorite measuring approximately 21-22mm or 0.8-0.9" at the longest point and approximately 12-14mm or 0.5" wide.
  • Each piece is wonderfully unique with a gorgeous flash. Some flash colors include blue, green, orange, and multi-color.
  • This listing is for a necklace made with a cable, flat cable chain in sterling silver, oxidized silver, 14K Yellow Gold Fill or 14K Rose Gold Fill.
  • Personalize your pendant necklace with an engraved charm (7mm).
  • Chain lengths include 16, 18 or 20 inches.