Dendritic Opal Necklace

Dentritic Opal Drop Necklace


Dendritic or Moss Opal is a stone that is believed to raise the connection with Mother Earth and to assist with spiritual growth. This variety of opal contains deposits of minerals which create “dendritic” structures - similar to the branching networks of dendrites of the nervous system. This stone is also called “merlinite” and represents the energy of duality, yin and yang, because of the black and white connection. The beautiful markings are as unique as snowflakes and make for an exquisite centerpiece in this dendritic opal necklace. Opal is an October birthstone. 


♦ Faceted Dendrite Opal. Each piece is wonderfully unique. Please refer to the pictures for samples. Briolettes measure approximately 15mm long. 

♦ Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold Fill and 14K Rose Gold finishes. Also available as a bar necklace.

♦ Chain lengths include 16, 18 or 20 inches. .