Crystals Mystery Box - Gemstone Surprise Mystery Box - Unique Spiritual Gift Set

Crystals Mystery Box - Gemstone Surprise Box - Spiritual Gift Set


Mystery Package

This Listing offers a Surprise Mystery Box. Mystery Boxes range from $15 - $200. The more expensive boxes will contain larger stones than the less expensive boxes.

Shapes of stones available include Palm Stones, Eggs, Heart, Flames, Free form, Obelisks, Generators, Spheres, Towers, Crystal Clusters, Tumbled Stones, and Rough Stones. Pictures are representations of possible items.

Customers are encouraged to let me know if they would like a total intuition surprise, certain Chakra Stone/s, and or certain colored stones. I will try my best to accommodate your preferences, however, they cannot be guaranteed.

All boxes have a value, however you will get more value buying a mystery box than if one was to purchase stones individually through our listings.

For larger boxes please leave us a message during check out if you would like multiple smaller items or fewer larger items.

Box Reference:

Small boxes are options #1 , #2
Medium boxes are options #3, #4, #5
Large boxes are options #6, #7, #8
XL boxes are options $9, #10
2XL boxes are options #11, #12