Crystal Quartz Cluster 67mm

Crystal Quartz Cluster 67mm


This listing features a quality "grade A" Raw Clear Crystal Quartz Specimen. You will receive the exact piece pictured.

The stone measures approximately 67mm (2.6") x 53mm (2.0") x 61mm (2.4")

Approximate weight: 110g (3.88 oz)

Quartz crystals, as you could imagine, are stones of clarity. They create a clear, energetic channel for your intentions and amplify what you bring to stone. Use quartz when you feel the most clarity of your intention. This will really showcase the quartz’s ability to enhance and materialize things for you. It can also be used to amplify the properties of other crystals, so this is a great addition to any collection! Quartz crystals are great for any transmission of energy or insight and can be used to direct this energy from practitioner to recipient - in worship, healing, and even divination.