Carnelian and Unakite Mala Bracelet

Carnelian and Unakite Mala Bracelet



Carnelian and Unakite Jasper Bracelet - Wrist Mala

♦ Elastic slide-on bracelet made with 6 mm Carnelian, 6 and 8 mm Unakite genuine gemstone beads and silver sterling components. 
♦ Made with the strongest elastic I found.
♦ The knot is hidden inside a bead. Should it slip out, you simply slip a bead over it. 
♦ Use your wrist size (not bracelet size) when selecting your size in the drop down. I will add any necessary length. Message me if your size isn't listed or you prefer a loose bracelet, otherwise, it will be made to fit.
♦ Arrives carefully packaged in a gift box.
♦ Bracelets made with a non-stretchy wire and a closure are available. Message me for details. 


Unakite - heart chakra - red jasper and green epidote.
It is said to:
* possess calm and gentle but powerful energy.
* help release deep-seated emotions in a slow and gentle way.
* balance emotions with spirituality and provides grounding when needed.
* support the reproductive system, healthy pregnancy and birth.
* traditionally, unakite is worn by midwives and doulas.

Carnelian - sacral chakra / root chakra / base chakra
It is said to:
* be a stabilizing crystal.
* restore lost vitality and motivation while stimulating creativity.
* protect against envy, rage, and resentment and encourages a love of life.
* be a great stone for those suffering from reproduction and menstrual disorders (for example: infertility, endometriosis, PCOS, miscarriages, etc.) because of its connection to reproductive organs.