Black Moonstone Palm Stone - Black Moonstone Gallet

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Stone Number

This listing features a Black Moonstone Palmstone. Whichever you choose, you will receive the exact piece pictured.

The stones measure approximately between: 59mm (2.3") to 65mm (2.5")

The stones weigh between: 84g (2.96 oz) to 126g (4.44 oz)

Black Moonstone is the stone of the New Moon, the time when we are to reflect on our journey and set an intention for the times to come. Those drawn to the moon are sure to be allured by moonstones and can enhance their spiritual connection to this crystal by including the black moonstone in their collection. The moon and the moonstones are associated with the nighttime as well as the intuition. Your connection to your “gut” (a.k.a. your intuition) and that which is immaterial are strengthened through working with the moonstones. The Black Moonstone’s abilities can be channeled further when used in sync with the cycles of the moon. Use Black Moonstone at the turn of the new moon to connect to your inner wisdom.