Aquamarine and Tourmaline Bracelet

Adjustable Black Tourmaline and Aquamarine Mala Bracelet


Feel a sense of balance when you wear this striking Black Tourmaline and Genuine Aquamarine healing bracelet for him or her. It’s said that Black Tourmaline defends against negativity while Aquamarine is a courage stone which soothes fears and increases sensitivity. It’s almost like wearing a spiritual filter which only permits positivity! Its black and blue coloring gives this simple bracelet a neutral, yet fashionable appeal, so it looks great on both men and women!


♥ Your choice of 6mm or 8mm Aquamarine and Black Tourmaline beads ( the last picture shows 6mm vs 8mm beads)

♥ Tourmaline is the October Birthstone and associated with the Libra Zodiac

♥ Aquamarine the March Birthstone and associated with the Pisces Zodiac

♥ Sterling Silver or 14KY Gold Fill accents

♥ Black fray-resistant cord. Other colors are available upon request

♥ One size fits most sizes: ranging from 6 - 8.5" Please message me if you need a larger size

♥ If you decide to shorten the ends to your perfect size, you must tie the ends (and preferably melt them) to prevent the twisted cord from opening