7 Chakra Bracelet

Handmade Seven Chakra Wrist Mala - 7 Chakra Bracelet - Yoga Jelwery



“Balance, balance, balance!” That may be all you hear these days but repetition emphasizes importance and balance is very important. It’s no different when it comes to our chakras. As important it is to open them to the outside world, to know when to close them off is just as important. That’s where balance comes in. This hematite chakra bracelet is perfect in aiding with that process. A great meditation bracelet and made up predominantly of hematite, it also includes a stone representing each chakra. Hematite is associated with grounding and balancing which is a great stone to pair with chakra balancing. The 7 chakra bracelet includes garnet (root,) carnelian (sacral,) yellow calcite (solar plexus,) malachite (heart,) aquamarine (throat,) amethyst (third eye,) and clear quartz (crown) to represent each chakra. This is the perfect gift for him or her because everyone needs a little balance in their life!


♦ Elastic slide-on bracelet made with approximately 6mm beads
♦ The knot is hidden inside a bead. Should it slip out, you simply slip a bead over it.
♦ Use your wrist size when selecting your size.


Measure your wrist using a string or a flexible measuring tape. Wrap it around your wrist where you would normally wear the bracelet. That number is your wrist size.