Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I measure my wrist for bracelets?

Measuring your wrist for accurate size:
The easiest way to find the correct size is to measure your wrist with a flexible tape, a strip of paper or a thread where you would normally wear the bracelet or a watch. Mark it with a pen, pencil or simply cut it and then use a ruler to measure the length.

8mm bead bracelet: add 0.75" to 1".

6mm bead bracelet: add 0.75"

If this is a gift and you can't obtain an accurate size, you may use the following GENERAL guidelines but keep in mind that bracelets will have their specific measurements depending on whether it's a chain bracelet or a bracelet with smaller or larger beads:

Female Standard Size: 7 in.
Male Standard Size: 8 in.

  • Care instructions

Handmade jewelry is more fragile than commercial jewelry, so please handle it with care. Exposing your gemstone jewelry to water and direct sunlight can damage the stones, minerals, crystals, metals, wooden beads, elastic or other components used. Please do not wear your jewelry while showering or swimming.

  • Gift wrapping and packaging

Most of our items are packaged in a gift box. Bracelets include organza bag. Charms and necklaces are attached to a card. Charms are placed in an organza bag and necklaces are placed in a gift box.

  • Natural and common variations

The beauty of receiving a nature made product is the uniqueness. Many of the stones, crystals, and minerals used are available in different shades, colors and color depths. Fancy Jasper, for example, comes in a wide variety of colors. Differences in markings, and patterns are also to be expected.

  • Healing and metaphysical properties

Healing and metaphysical properties are for informational purposes only. Because not all properties are listed and we are limited as to what information we can provide, we encourage you to research independently. Information listed does not replace medical advice or treatment. The Pure Light Within and representatives do not treat, heal or diagnose.

  • Safety

Products are breakable. Keep away from children as jewelry contains small parts and could pose a hazard.

  • What exactly is 14k Gold-Fill? Is it different than gold-plated jewelry?

Gold-fill is a wonderful and a more economic alternative to solid gold. It has a lifespan of approximately 30 years and is solid gold that was bonded to another metal (brass in most cases). Gold-fill is considered non-tarnish. In comparison, gold-plated jewelry has an estimated lifespan of up to one year. Gold-plated jewelry, as any other plated metal, has a tendency to lose and change color and expose the base metal as it loses the plating. Plated jewelry, contains a minuscule layer of solid gold (estimated 0.05% or less of body product), while gold-fill is legally required to contain 5% of gold.