Rainbow Moonstone Necklace

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Rainbow Moonstone Necklace - June Birthstone Cancer Gift for Her

Paired with the natural healing qualities of the moon, this unique necklace was handcrafted to bring you the highest quality while receiving strong moon vibrations as you wear it close to your heart. Rainbow moonstone is powerful and can assist women by allowing them to recognize their true feminine power and Goddes energy.

- Connects to the Crown Charka.
- Carries strong yet soft feminine Goddess energy.
- Strengthens intuition and encourages introspection.
- Raises vibrations, helps enter deeper meditation and calm mind-chatter.
- Is believed to increase fertility and to balance hormones and menstrual cycles.


♥ The moonstone connector measures approximately 0.7" or 17mm from one end of the loop to another. The moonstone has a high-quality blue flash. 

♥ Chain lengths include 14, 16, 18 or 20 inches.