Crystals for Grounding

Posted on July 13 2022

Crystals for Grounding

Do you sometimes feel off or spacey? Can't seem to focus on the normal day to day? Recently, there have been many days where I felt like I was just floating through the minutes and hours of my day, not really connecting or registering that time has passed. Now, flying in the higher vibration of life can sometimes be wonderful, but on days when you need to focus and work through many tasks, that spacey, ungrounded feeling isn't always the best. 

On those days, I reach for my grounding crystals. Honestly, I have over a dozen of them, each one geared to a different aspect of my life. Right now, for example, I have a Mahogany Obsidian in my pocket, but the crystals listed below are some of my other favorites.

Agate: Agates are a common but very grounding stone that can help stabilize and balance energies. Agate is clarifying and capable of improving concentration. It creates a sense of safety and security that is super beneficial on the days when you may be feeling far too spacey for your own good.

Petrified Wood: Petrified Wood works with the Root and Third-Eye Chakras to assist in grounding, stabilizing, and connecting you to nature and the earth. It is a refreshingly grounding stone that brings patience and emotional healing into the mix.


Picasso Jasper: Picasso Jasper has strong grounding and calming qualities that help improve inner strength and self-discipline. It also has warm, optimistic, energy that reminds you to enjoy life and pay attention to the day.

Smoky Quartz:  Smoky Quartz is a very positive grounding and insightful stone. It can increase concentration and provides a calming energy to help you focus on the here and now.

Tourmalinated Quartz:  Black Tourmaline is a very grounding stone, but when mixed with Quartz, there is a perfect energetic balance. This stone is grounding without being too grounding and allows for clarity and purification.

The stones above have been specifically collected and chosen for our Grounding Crystal Intention Kits which are available here!


The stones below are some of my Honorable Mentions when it comes to grounding crystals.



Black Tourmaline: As mentioned above, this crystal is an extremely grounding and protective crystal that can also clear negative energies around you. It is a very strong stone that is beneficial for anyone who has a really REALLY hard time staying grounded.

Bloodstone: Bloodstone is a grounding, protective, stone associated with the Root Chakra.It can reduce impatience, irritability, and helps calm and revitalize the mind which is perfect on the days when you may be feeling too spacey.

Hematite: Hematite is another grounding stone that works with the Root Chakra. It helps raise self-esteem, willpower, and reliability so that you can easily overcome a bad case of spacey brain fog.

Tiger's Eye:Tiger's eye is another grounding and protective stone that can help promote mental clarity, courage, and self-esteem. This crystal resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra and is said to bring some good luck to the holder.


Every grounding stone works differently for people. I personally have a hard time working with Hematite on its own, but I can work with it when paired with other crystals. Let us know which one is your favorite, and if you'd like more information on the Root Chakra, feel free to click here.

 Good luck on your journey!


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