Dragonblood Jasper: The Stone of Inner Power

Posted on November 04 2023

Dragonblood Jasper: The Stone of Inner Power

Dragonblood Jasper is known as the Stone of Inner Power since it helps ignite your drive for success in your personal and professional life. It can assist in feeling more comfortable, grounded, and calm, giving you the balance you need for your success. Listed below are more metaphysical properties for this wonderful stone of vivid greens and red.

Strength and Vitality: Dragon Blood Jasper is known for its ability to invigorate and boost your physical and emotional strength. It provides stamina and energy even when you are feeling at your lowest. Keeping a piece with you during meditation is said to enhance your life force.

Protection: Dragonblood Jasper is often considered a powerful shield against negative energy and psychic attacks. It can create a protective aura around you that safeguards you and provides a sense of security.

Emotional Balance: Dragon Blood Jasper can assist in resolving emotional conflicts and has the ability to help you express your feelings in a healthy manner. It releases buried emotions to promote harmony and balance within.

Courage and Confidence: Like the creatures it is named after, Dragonblood Jasper enhances your courage and self-confidence. It empowers you to face your fears and conquer challenges, making it a remarkable companion during difficult times.

Enhanced Creativity and Manifestation: Use Dragonblood Jasper when you want to stimulate your creative energy and manifest your dreams and desires. It is an inspiring stone that can help cultivate new ideas and promote passion. 

Dragonblood Jasper is an amazingly powerful crystal that provides the courage and confidence for you to face your fears and conquer any challenges. It's strength balances with soft emotional healing so that you are not held down by emotions or energy that no longer serves you. Keep this stone on you during difficult times, and you will be sure to succeed.

Enjoy the journey!

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