Crystals for Emotional Balance

Posted on March 01 2022

Crystals for Emotional Balance

These past few years haven't been easy for many people, and if you're like me, it all can feel overwhelming at times. I spend a lot of time working on grounding and balancing my emotions, so that I can keep myself from feeling like an ostrich desperately wanting to bury my head in the sand to hide away from the world.

More than anything, the crystals I use during my daily life and in meditation really help when life gets tough. The list below are some of my favorite crystals that not only work on the emotions of the here-and-now, but also on some of those deeper emotions that I couldn't release before.

Amethyst: This is one of the best emotional balancing stones out there. Amethyst works really well at calming the mind, healing overwhelming stress, and bringing in serenity.


Moonstone: Moonstone is very calming and balancing. It releases stress and allows for your thoughts to focus once again on what is most important at this time.


Rhodonite: Rhodonite is one of the best crystals for clearing old emotional wounds and inviting self-love and acceptance. It can be very calming and can help build trust in yourself and others.


Serpentine: Serpentine can help you gain control over your life and your emotions. It provides cleansing and clarity so that you can focus on what might be causing problems in your life.


Smoky Quartz: Smoky Quartz is great for cleansing, clarity, and stability. It is a very grounding stone that can assist in ridding negative emotions and residual fear.


The main thing to keep in mind when working with these crystals is the affirmation "I release all emotional blocks that stop me from enjoying peace of mind." Because we all honestly deserve a peace of mind especially during these trying times. If you're interested in purchasing a Reiki-charged crystal intention set specifically of these crystals, please click here.

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