Morning Routines and Rituals to Best Start Your Day

Posted on March 28 2023

Morning Routines and Rituals to Best Start Your Day

Mornings can be a magical time for many people. Often times, our mornings will dictate our energy for most of the day, so it is important to cherish that time even if you may not be an early bird. Here are some tips and tricks you can use to boost your energy, improve your self-care, and increase your positivity the rest of the day no matter how busy it may be.

Get outside and see the sunrise: If you happen to be up at dawn, find a cozy place outside where you can sit and enjoy the sunrise. Take the time to breathe in the early morning air and watch the world around you wake up. Don't think about all the things you need to be doing. That time will come later.

A warm beverage: I will admit, I am a huge tea drinker. Just the act of holding the warm mug while feeling the steam on my skin instantly lifts my mood. It is calming and soothing for me which helps me focus my mind on the here and now without worrying about what the day may hold. Now, if you don't like tea obviously don't drink it, but find something that lifts your mood first thing in the morning that you can enjoy like coffee, hot chocolate, or some other warm beverage.

Journal: Journals and diaries have been around for centuries. People have always found comfort in putting their thoughts and feelings onto the page, and it is an activity that can improve your mood and raise your energy at any time of the day. One thing I like to do with my journal in the morning is set my intentions for the day. This is particularly helpful in keeping me motivated and optimistic even on my busiest of days.

Get up and move:
At first, I was skeptical of people who would go running as soon as they woke up. It just didn't seem like a pleasant way to spend my time, yet when I started practicing yoga first thing in the morning, I realized just HOW beneficial movement can be at the beginning of the day. Be it running, walking, dancing, stretching, it doesn't really matter. All that matters is that you get up and move. Waking up your body with movement immediately awakens the mind and lifts your energy so that you can take on the day.


I hope these tips can help enlighten your morning and bring some magic to your day.

Wishing you the best on your journey.

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