Moonstone Bar Necklace

Raw Moonstone Necklace - Gifts for Gemini Zodiac - June Birthstone


Rainbow moonstone and the number 9: Could there be a more sacred feminine combination? This raw moonstone bar necklace displays a luminous line of gemstones, snuggled together in a show of delicate stability. Trusted to help align its wearer with the natural phases of the moon and life’s rhythms, June’s birthstone is a bastion of subtle feminine strength and empowerment. Moonstone jewelry is a natural choice for the woman seeking to ease her way into higher vibrations and a clear meditative path. Available in rose gold, yellow gold or silver finish, this raw rainbow moonstone necklace compliments any metaphysical jewelry arrangement.


  • Made to order natural Rainbow Moonstone. The moonstone bar measures approximately 1.25" from one loop to another. While the moonstones are polished, the irregular finish of the stones gives the bar necklace a bohemian, raw and earthy feel. The stones measure approximately 5mm.
  • Please note that the pictures above are samples of raw Rainbow Moonstone. The moonstones may vary in color, flash, and shapes. Please message me if you have a preference or if you are looking for something specific. Naturally occurring tourmaline inclusions (black spots) may be present.
  • 14K Gold Fill, Sterling Silver, or 14K Rose Gold Fill finish. Chains available in Cable and Flat Cable Style. View the pictures for explanation.
  • Chain lengths 16" - 20".
  • June Birthstone. Perfect gift for her, mother, wife, friend, or the girlfriend.