Psychic Intuition Crystal Intention Stone Set

Crystals for Psychic Intuition Reiki Intention Stone Set


This crystal intention set was created to invoke psychic intuition and clarity within you.

 Your crystal intention set includes the following stones: 

  • Amethyst for insight, clarity, and wisdom.
  • Indigo Gabbro for enlightenment and spiritual awakening.
  • Labradorite for protection, intuition, and connection.
  • Rainbow Moonstone for psychic enhancement and emotional intuition.
  • Sodalite for clarity and intuitive perception.

Use the affirmation: I am intuitive, intelligent, and connected to my inner self.



  • You may receive a mixture of stones including tumbles and raw stones based on our stock.
  • Please allow for variations in appearance, color, shape, and size due to the nature of the product.
  • The stones measure between 0.5-1".
  • These stones are Reiki-charged. Only receive the Reiki if you wish as it is always set for your highest good.
  • If one of the stones are sold out, we will replace it with another crystal that matches the energy/intention of this kit.