Carnelian Agate Freeform 80mm IP

Carnelian Agate Freeform 80mm IP - Crystals to Balance Sacral Chakra


Carnelian can push you forward on your journey with resolve, confidence, energy, and vigor. It is a very motivating crystal that helps with endurance and can benefit those in leadership positions. Carnelian is associated with the lower three chakras--the Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root Chakra, and with that comes an enhancement in decision making, charisma, and courage.

This listing features a Carnelian Freeform. You will receive the exact one listed.


  • Approximate measurements: 80mm (3.1") X 61mm (2.4") X 48mm (1.9")
  • Approximate weight: 354g (12.5oz)