Green Kyanite Bar Necklace

Handmade Green Kyanite Bar Chakra Activating Necklace


Green Kyanite is a rare and unique form of Kyanite that can activate all your chakras, but resonates mainly with the heart chakra. This crystal works to bring peace and tranquility by providing emotional clarity. It allows you to see when your emotional needs are being met as well as what you might need to do to achieve those goals. It rids the feeling of stagnation and loss of purpose while enhancing courage and love for oneself.


  • This bright green necklace is made of natural Green Kyanite. The Kyanite bar is made with 6 stones for manifestation and each stone measures approximately 4-5mm at the largest point. The bar measures approximately 1 1/8 - 1 1/4"  from one loop to another, however the width of the stones may vary slightly so please allow for variation. The length of the bar is included in the total length of the necklace.
  • Sterling Silver,14K Yellow Gold Fill and 14K Rose Gold finishes.
  • Chain lengths include 14, 16, 18 or 20 inches.