Genuine Lemurian Seed Crystal 58mm AMT - Crown Chakra

Genuine Lemurian Seed Crystal 58mm AMT - Crown Chakra


Lemurian seed crystals are said to guide you to high-vibrational energy while calming and restoring balance into the body. It can develop your connection to the human collective and builds understanding of how divinely unique you are. Lemurian seed crystals cleanse and raise all chakra energy, and it is known to help one connect to the Akashic record, bringing those memories forward in this lifetime. They are here to help you become your highest potential self.

This listing features a Lemurian Seed Crystal. You will receive the exact crystal pictured.
Please note this Lemurian Seed crystal has inclusions within the crystal that can be seen in the photos.

Approximate measurements: 58mm (2.3”) X 33mm (1.3”) X 27mm (1.1”)
Approximate weight: 36g (1.3oz)

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