Epidote Palmstone 60mm-70mm - Heart Chakra Stone

Epidote Palmstone 60mm-70mm - Heart Chakra Stone


Epidote has within it the energy and courage for you to change and live the life of your dreams. It is a manifestation crystal that can help bring awareness and aid you in abundance, prosperity, and relationships. It is considered a karmic stone, so the energy that you put in to the universe can be the energy that you receive from the stone, so if you stay optimistic, good things will come your way.

This listing is for an Epidote palmstone. You will receive the exact palmstone you choose.

The stones measure between 60mm (2.4") and 70mm (2.7") at the longest point.
They weigh between 100g (3.5oz) and 120g (4.2oz)

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