Carnelian Stacking Bracelet

Carnelian Stacking Bracelet



Carnelian Crystal Yoga and Meditation Mala Bracelet

Carnelian is a warm and energetic stone thought to be motivating and helpful with endurance. It benefits those with leadership duties, endowing those connected to it with courage and charisma. The name of this red and orange stone comes from the Latin term for flesh, making it a truly visceral stone. Those working with their physical body, or on the bodies of others, would find good companionship with Carnelian. It is also associated with decision and action. Carnelian can put us in touch with the actions we must take on our journeys and to have more resolve about our choices in life. This bracelet is perfect by itself or as an addition to your stack. 


• Slide-on bracelet made with 6mm or 8mm Carnelian beads

• The strongest elastic cord I found.

• Use your wrist size (not bracelet size) when selecting your size in the drop down. I will add any necessary length. Message me if your size isn't listed or you prefer a loose bracelet, otherwise, it will be made to fit. 

• Made with love, cleansed and Reiki charged.